This is my final project for color theory! For this project the challenge was to find an image that would be the source of out inspiration as well as the color palette. We were given a restaurant that needed renovations, and were told to create our own client profile and concept statements.

Client Profile

Investment firm looking to expand, currently own multi residential units throughout SoCal and want to broaden their portfolio with restaurants. The restaurant location is 1234 Main St in Santa Monica. The restaurant will be open for late afternoon and for Sunday brunch, and American food will be served. The clientele of the establishment is men and women in their late 20s to 40s, local Los Angelinos, income level of $70,000+. The design direction is contemporary sophistication, the design needs to evoke a feeling of exclusivity and class.

Concept Statement

The design direction began by selecting the artwork for the space. A large-scale photograph of bark sets the tone for the ambiance and color scheme. I wanted to focus on creating a sophisticated contemporary design style and working with the unnoticed blue and purple tones in the photograph.  Art Deco and 1920’s glam was the ideal style for the restaurant. The velvet upholstery, chandelier, and marble table tops establish this blend of styles. The focal point in the space is the four-sided fireplace with marble coverings and a black hearth, which also acts as needed mood lighting for the space.

Hand Rendered Floor Plan. Watercolor, colored pencils, pastels used
Materials Board

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