A Creative Way to Save Money

Walk around your block and take cool pictures, that’s the secret!

 Hahaha, totally kidding. What you really should do is ….

Create a Running List!

I first heard this idea from a blog article I was reading and she did a whole year of not purchasing anything at all! A no spend year!! She only made purchases for basic necessities and for the items on her running list. There it is! She made a list of things she actually needed for her lifestyle. This included wedding guest dress, replacing old running shoes, and purchasing a new backpack for travel.

I have done this “Running List” before if you can see at the top of this page, I have a category dedicated to it! But I haven’t been so good at actually following this list. So I’m going to use this idea and make it my own! You don’t have to be strict and not purchase anything for a year, but take a concept you want to execute and make it work for you! Otherwise you’ll be trying to fit into someone else’s rules and when that doesn’t work, you may give up (exactly what I did, over and over).



My Take on A Running List

My Running List will be a monthly running list. So what I’m going to do is have a list of things I’m planning to purchase for the month. That way I don’t have this long list of random things that I “want to try” and “think I want”. This will help me to be intention and precise on things I need at the moment that I will actually use. This month is Coachella (actually in nine days for me), which I’ll be attending. I’ve already made most of my purchases (and went overboard) so I only need a few things left. Anyway, this is my Running List for April:

  1. Running List for April

  2. 1. Combat boots for Chella
  3. 2. Drinks, Snacks, Waters for Chella
  4. 3. Hair cut and styling
  5. 4. Birthday gift for friend
  6. 5. Car Wash
  7. 6. Nails done
  8. 7. Drafting board

I’m going to stick to this list and not buy any unnecessary STUFF! Not sure how I’m going to continue with this. I may redo my list every month or just roll things over to the next month! What do you think? Has anyone ever tried doing a list like this? Would love to get ideas and talk about creative ways to save money!



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