Budget With Me

Budget Time

Grab your pens and some paper because it’s budget time! I honestly love budgeting. Whenever I don’t follow my budgeting routine I honestly feel like I have no idea how much money I’ve spent and have left and I just buy shit I really don’t need or things that can wait. So I’d like to show you my budgeting routine and challenge you guys to budget with me. So grab a notebook, some pens, or just use an excel sheet and let’s get started.

Seating & Supplies

Budgeting for me can take 20mins or even up to an hour sometimes depending on if I correctly budgeted the previous month. If its a mess it can take forever, so I like to gather all my supplies and find a comfy spot to work. Once my throne is chosen I make sure I have a calculator handy, my excel sheets with my yearly budget and the current week’s blank budget, as well as some snacks to keep me from getting hangry. Once I have everything I start working.

Get to Work

Okay, so I told you I love budgeting and I wasn’t kidding I have two budgets I like to use throughout the year. One budget I plan in the end of the previous year and I put estimates of everything I need to save up for. That way when the time comes I remember if I have a gift or a trip to save up for. I started doing this this year and it has helped me tremendously, particularly for buying gifts for people I always have enough and I’m never surprised when a birthday rolls around because I was super prepared. The second budget I leave blank and I use every two weeks on payday.

Tracking Expenses

I want to start tracking my expenses so I can see exactly what I’m spending my Entertainment budget on, and I can cut things if I’m being excess about one thing in particular.

August Budget

So here is this month’s budget. I am working toward my goal to pay my car off which is taking such a chunk out of my paycheck but it will be worth it in the end. I am putting my last bit of money into my laptop fund so I can hopefully buy a laptop this month or September. I’m also paying my bills which is a necessity and that’s pretty much it, everything that is coming up I’ve already saved up for so I don’t need to budget for anything else. Hope this helps!

 August Budget (1)


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