Decorate for Fall on a Budget, With These 4 Designer Tips


My whole life I have always loved the summer for the heat and winter for the holidays. The thought of pumpkin spice everything was what I dreaded this time of year. Until, one year we watched a little show called The Walking Dead and that is when I fell in love with October, Halloween, and all the spooky things. I have been decorating for the spooky season ever since, but I never really decorated for the fall. But man am I starting to change my mind. This year has been such an incredibly hot summer that I am ready for the fall weather and cozy vibes. If you are ready for the season like I am, then let’s talk about how to decorate your home for fall like the designers do.

So, why should you even decorate for fall?

I believe that your home should be filled with your favorite things. Things that you cherish and inspire you. Your home should be your solace and retreat and give you THAT feeling, that you love. Whatever that feeling may be for you. For some people it’s calmness, excitement, or a youthful fun spirit. And for others it’s that cozy fall feeling.

If you love the feeling of warmth, coziness and all the cuddles; then you probably will love decorating for fall. 


Let’s analyze things for a second and write out what it is we love about fall? What is it that gets you excited for the season? 

Is it the colors, smells, foods? Here are things you may love about fall:

  • Colors – oranges, reds, browns, neutrals
  • Foods – pumpkins, apples, pasta, pot roast, soups, stews, cranberries, pies
  • Smells – pumpkin, allspice, cinnamon, apples, smoke
  • Nature – straw, hay, leaves, wood baskets, wood
  • Destinations – Napa Valley, Yosemite, Maine, Oregon, New Hampshire 

Take note about what it is you love about fall, this way you have a home that is for you and not what you think it should be or what you saw someone else do.

Designers develop a clear point of view and use this as their jumping off point for your home decor.

Decorating should be artistic expression, don’t exactly copy what you think your home should look like, instead be inspired, do what feels right not what you think you should do. Noteworthy designers don’t fit into a specific style but they design based on their unique experiences, interests, and feelings. I recently started to revamp my wardrobe and these are the same things a stylist will tell you when starting over.


Not sure when you should start decorating for fall? This really is dependent on your schedule, your family, and how many areas you are going to style in your home. I say a good sweet spot is between the start of the school year and Labor Day. I would say Labor Day is my preference because it’s a holiday weekend and you get that extra day to set up your home, not stress, and enjoy the season with your family. So, before you actually start decorating let’s talk about some tips on how to decorate your home for fall.

Tip#1 Let the season inspire you.

If you are decorating for fall, it’s because there is something you really love about this season and time of year. Earlier I talked about analyzing what it is you love about fall, and we are going to take those ideas to inspire our decor. So, what did you take note of earlier, what is it you love about fall? 

This inspiration stage is very important, because it is going to help you list what you love and keep you on track, on budget, and fill your home with things you enjoy and love. 

If you didn’t write that list out, now is the time to do it. Next use your list to create a mood board or a board on Pinterest.

Here’s my list and mood board 

  • Burgundy, brown, tan, burnt orange
  • Pot roast cranberries, 
  • Cinnamon, apples 
  • Pinecones, dried florals 
  • Amber

So your list should help you develop your color scheme. Compare this to your current space and if the colors don’t work make adjustments. Before you buy any decor for your home I would recommend you start with a fresh slate and remove all your decor and start your decorating with the artwork, this way you have a focal point, something to design around, and your color scheme, this is really going to help you save money and time by not over buying and trying to get the right colors or make everything just right. A good place to find artwork, thrift stores, estate/garage sales, Hobby Lobby, Target, or even create it yourself. Artwork is very subjective so whatever evokes an emotion or feeling is something that will resonate in your space. 

Tip#2 Don’t take it literally

Designers don’t take it literally, when it comes to fall decorating. Interior designers don’t design like a set designer would do but they use scenes or themes as inspiration for their home decor to create that fall feeling. They use the textures, colors, and shapes to give that cozy feel. So instead of putting pumpkins and hay barrels everywhere, try using that as your color scheme with oranges and yellows in your design. 

Here a list of home decor to use instead, to elevate your home decor:

  • pumpkins , instead use pumpkin smells 
  • Hay barrels , instead use grass/hay springs dried flowers 
  • Bright orange , instead use rich colors in the orange and red family 

Here is a list of fall decor, to elevate your home decor:

  • Textured blankets
  • Wood accents
  • Leather accents
  • Burgundy, cream, browns 

Tip#3 Shop off your inspiration board 

This will save you money and time. Stay focused when you are shopping and always refer back to your list and mood board. How to create cozy fall decor on a budget doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. Instead of buying a lot of cheaper decorative pieces, focus on one piece that will create the biggest impact. I would recommend shopping at thrift stores or even facebook marketplace for these items. You can also bring the fall vibes from outside with twigs, branches, and pinecones.

And lastly, don’t buy anything unless you know where you’re going to style it in your home. You don’t want to have to style around this random decor piece. So to avoid frustration, think about where this piece will live in your home.

Tip#4 Style the space

The fun part. This is the point when you get to create and redo your space. Rearrange and move around your furniture or tabletop decor. Next you want to create balance, unity, and a focal point. If you need help on exactly how to achieve these interior design principles, I wrote a blog post about it here, “Ultimate Guide to Decorate your Dream Space.”  But you can just learn by trial and error and practice. Just keep working on it until it looks right. Practice makes progress, not perfect. 

How are you planning to decorate for fall?

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