Designing our apartment like a pro!

I didn’t realize how difficult it is to move. Before the move I imagined this easy transition with all of my Pinterest boards coming to life… that didn’t happen! We kind of just moved in and plopped all the free stuff we got from our homes, our parents, and our friends and ended up with a bunch of random stuff. But it’s our first apartment and we are tight on cash. So I wanted to use this somewhat blank apartment and do a professional design process and show you guys the tips I’ve learned and implement them into this beautiful space and not break the bank. The professional interior design process can be summed up as discovery, conception, design development, documentation, and implementation. Of course I didn’t use this guideline for our apartment, which is why its so random feeling.

So the first steps are discovery and conception. In these parts you want to ask a lot of questions and figure out what the project entails and if you can actually create something for this person. Once you’re down to design for them, have them explain to you what the look and feel of the project will be. Is there a particular style, color, mood they like? You need to make sure you’re on the same page so just make a preliminary sketch, an outline, or bring in some samples to visually see if what they’re thinking, you’re thinking but better.

For my boyfriend and I, we want to make use of the pieces we have and only get secondhand items that we can up-cycle. We started decorating our living room, but feel that it doesn’t flow and is mix matched. We don’t have a particular style we like, we just want to feel comfortable, visually interested, and calm in our space. Our dream place has lots of modern details, bright big windows, and neutralized colors. I might try to incorporate these elements into our extremely woody apartment (there is wood everywhere!). Our apartment has lots of navy blue so I want to play off that throughout the apartment and add more whites in the living room to make it brighter and feel larger, I also want to add some touches of blue in the bedroom to keep consistency throughout the house.

So here is the before,




So now for the fun stuff, I’m going to come up with the design for the room, by drawing inspiration from a layout/style we like and designing from that.  I’m going to be pulling different pieces off websites, magazines, and Pinterest, to create a mood board that I’ll show you guys next time. Until then,



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