You should really be starting your Halloween planning, because Halloween is only 8 weeks away! I haven’t always loved Halloween, I kinda didn’t get the big deal of it all, until we really got into The Walking Dead. Since then I’ve fallen in love with spooky, creepy, eerie things. So this year I’ve started my Halloween planning really early and I couldn’t be more happier.

This year’s theme is the Haunted Victorian Home. I love the look of an eerie home, nothing glittery or frilly just creepy think old candlesticks, spell books, brooms, real spiderwebs and that’s the look I’m going for. Just like anything I do I like to take inventory. So I asked my husband to lug out the Halloween bin so I can sift through all the goodies I’ve collected. Before you go buy anything, PLEASE SHOP YOUR OWN STUFF. It’s fun, and best of all it’s free.

So after I went through my bin, I started planning and sketching and gathering all my ideas. And finally I came up with where exactly in my home we will be decorating and what is going in each space, so I could create a shopping list. So here it is, my

Haunted Victorian Home Halloween Shopping List
– Spiderweb
– Old Books
– Lanterns
– A Spell Book
– Spooky Tree
– Wood Planks
– Skulls
– Black String
– Spanish Moss
– A Giant Spider
– Witches’ Hat
– Witches Broom
– Cauldrons
– Pumpkins

So I’m going to searching and collecting items for all the vignettes and decor for the halloween season! Happy Hunting! <3


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