How To Design A Work From Home Space


This year has been my year, I have become so much more confident and driven to accomplish my goals. I’ve revamped my blog and I’m starting my interior design business. For the past few months working on my blog has been a seamless process. I just need a desk and a laptop to get my work done. Starting my business has been a whole other thing. I really need an organized and set working place to store and sort all my business my samples, documentation, and project binders. I’m not a digital girl so I enjoy having all these things at my fingertips. So with that being said I need to design this office space and get it ready and set for the new year when I will be officially launching my business. I’m going to take you along the process from start to finish. 

How to Design A Work from Home Space – The Design Plan  

Step 1 Assess your space

Step 2 Nail down vibe

Step 3 Sketch out ideas and get dimension requirements

Step 4 Source, Search, Make Product

Step 5 Install

Step 6 Enjoy

Step 1 Asses Your Space – The Current State

I’m so excited to be working on this space because I have not touched this room since we moved back, about a year ago. So, here is how the space looks now! It is very very disorganized, this room has becoming a dumping ground for all my random things and projects and I really dislike working in here. It is a pretty nice size room for our needs.

Step 2 Nail Down Your Vibe – My Inspiration 

The inspiration for this room is all over the place, I really inspired by old speakesies, art deco design, but I also love traditional french revival architecture. So I’m hoping to design a space that is traditional glam, but with a old library/speakesy vibe. Lots of panelling, dark colors, leathers, vintage pieces, velvets, stones. I love that moody vibe but I also want this space to still be an office and easy to work in. I want to find the balance between the moody cigar lounge vibe and office vibe so that will be a challenge but I’m excited for that. I’ve made this overall mood board for the house and two for this office space and I think I will have to revise it a few times before I get exactly what I want.


I am working with a really really really tight budget, about $1,500 so that means I have to get thrifty or put my diy overalls on because I will have to get things second hand or make some stuff myself so we will see what I can come up with for this budget 

Needs vs Wants


  • Organized desk space
  • Desk drawers
  • Office chairs
  • Pair of accent chairs 
  • Storage cabinet for printer, office supplies, business materials
  • Focal gallery wall 
  • Window coverings 


  • New light fixture
  • Paint 
  • Moulding/Trim on closet doors 
  • Hardware 
  • Artwork 
  • Rug

So, here is the start of this office design! I might break down all the steps and show you what I’m up to, or it might just be a surprise! Anyway, Wish me luck!



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