My March Budget

The months seem to fly by these days. This time last year we went down to San Diego for the weekend and visited this flower garden, which is in full bloom in March! It was so beautiful and pretty. But a new month calls for a new budget. This month I’m just saving for all the trips we have coming up. Last month I made a few unplanned purchases. I needed some new jeans because the two black jeans I had somehow managed to fade into a grey color, not cute! So this month I’ve got to make sure I have enough for our trip to Texas at the end of this month.  Also going to be paying my regular bills: gas, rent, groceries, insurance, phone, wifi, and all that good adult stuff!


So like I said we’re going to Texas, and its for a wedding. One of my boyfriend’s friends is getting married and he is in party of the wedding party. So there was no getting out of that one! We’ll be flying in to Texas for a few days for the wedding, and destination trips are always expensive. We’ve already bought our tickets so we just need spending money for the weekend and a rental car!



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