THE DESIGN CHALLENGE: A resort hotel in Hawaii is updating their 1,800 sq. ft. spa. The spa is outdated and needs to be renovated to something more contemporary. It needs to be a self contained facility, that is fully ADA and can accommodate many multiple clients.

I can’t believe this is the final project of Studio II and the semester. The first phase of this project is to gather up information; including floor plans, elevations, criteria and requirements of the project, the client profile, competition, and any other relevant information.


Original Floor Plan

PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: Spa needs to include reception area, bar and waiting area, locker room with 2 showers, 2 private massage rooms, 2 unisex restrooms, storage room, salon area with 4 semi private stations and 4 washing/drying station

COMPETITION: I researched 3 major resorts in Wailea, HI to identify what they are lacking and how to differentiate my project. Only two of the three resorts even had spas. Both spas have retail space, offer private massage areas, and are minimally styled and organized. Neither spas have ocean view, refreshment bar, or look like a traditional spa.

CLIENT PROFILE: Wailea Investments Holding Company manages a resort hotel in Wailea, HI and have commissioned the renovation of the Hawaiian Seas Resort Spa. The Hawaiian Seas Resort is a 33 acre resort marketed for families and adults. This resort is marketed as a luxury high end resort, with guestrooms starting at $500 a night and going up to $5,000 for a villa. Clients staying at this resort are working professionals, high income earning families with 2 or more children. The median income of visitors is $200,000. Clients choosing this hotel enjoy luxury, relaxation, nature and are health conscious. In choosing hotels they focus on prestige and quality. 

Smell – pineapple, coffee, water, fresh air
Sight – ocean, tropical plants, sun, sunscreen
Sound – people, insects, ocean, waves crashing
Touch – coarse sand, refreshing ocean,
Taste – salty ocean, coffee


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