What’s a Coachella Budget Like

Holy Crap!

In a few days people will be heading out to the desert to have some much needed fun in the sun! Super excited for them! And, the following week I’ll be out there too! So, this post is all about Coachella budgets and how much I’ve spent and going to be spending. Jump down to the bottom if you’re just curious about how people afford Coachella!

Immediately after purchasing my tickets I went into creative mode. I sketched out my outfits and the vibe I was going for this year! I know I do the most, but I do this for every event so I can see what pieces I have and can already use, instead of buying everything new!

My Coachella Inspo Board : Free Spirit Glam


Once I had my inspiration and outfits figured out, I focused on the budget!! Of course I underestimated how much I would actually spend on clothes, so I updated my monthly budgets to make sure I had enough for Coachella. So here is my budget.

Ticket & Shuttle Pass $474

Cost that everyone has to pay unless you somehow get free tickets. The only tickets left were ones with shuttle passes so that’s what we got.

Hotel $271

We are staying at some hotel near the venue. Hotel prices are RIDICULOUS, but there are 6 of us so…yeah.

Transportation $20

We live about 2 hours from Indio, so luckly we can drive there. My friend is picking me up so I will pay her with a few ice cold beers and a 20!

Beer/Alchy for Hotel $40

This is self explanatory.

Snacks $0

Going to take whatever is in my pantry; chips, fruit, granola, water.

Pizza $30

That one day when everyone is drunk and hungry or just plain hungry and need some nourishment. I’m going to buy a few pizza for everyone.

Food at Event $80

I never try the food at Coachella cause I’m cheap, but I hear that they have weird amazingly cool and good food. So this year I’m going to try not being lame and get some bomb food! $25 a day seems pretty decent, when meals are about $8 each.

Drinks at Event $80

Same as above

Clothes $175

I want to look cute okay! I got 2 pairs of boots, two new tops, two bralettes, and some accessories.

My total for the whole weekend is $1,170

So far I’ve spent $920 (hotel, tickets, clothes), and I’m going to bring $250 for spending money for the weekend. For me staying under $2k is what I wanted and I am definitely under that! So there you have it, that’s how much I’ve spent and am going to spend at Coachella!

Does anyone else budget this closely for their events or am I the only weird one! Til next time!!!!



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