You really should go to Zion National Park, but only if you love the Earth’s natural landscape.

We had the chance to take road trip to this beautiful dusty place for our anniversary. Zion is located near the town of Springdale and it is filled with amazing hotels, cafes, and restaurants.


“a place of unexpected delights”

This hotel was walking distance to the park, as one of the closest hotels to the park it makes getting there and leaving easy and convenient. Every day in the morning we walking over to the park entrance and waiting for the shuttle in the park. If you plan on taking the shuttle, you will be waiting for a hour or longer in the mornings. Plan on getting there before 7:30 to beat the crowds or wait until later in the day. Our anniversary is in July and it was HOT! It was insane, by 11am it was 100 and stayed that way until the evening. If you plan on going I would suggest the fall or spring time. 


This was our favorite spot for a quick bite to eat. They have delicious sandwiches and it’s also walking distance to Zion National Park so if you want to grab some food on the way to the park this is the place to go. My favorite sandwich was the Chicken Pesto Panini.


This place was a more upscale restaurant, if you’re looking for a nice place to sip some wine and unwind you need to come to this place. They have a nice rotating menu and everything is fresh and cultivated for the current season.

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