At the first sign of the sun, in May I felt like it was back to being sunny LA weather. So, I did what anyone who loves summer would do, I started designed my patio space and furnished it. What I didn’t anticipate was more rain, IN MAY, ANDDD IN LA!! So much rain that our particle board Ikea furniture got soaked and warped, thus ending my patio design project. Now it’s the end of summer, and I feel like it’s time to finish my patio and give it the love it needs.


Before starting a project, I like to take measurements of the space and the furniture so that I can create the floor plan and be able to see what I’m working with. You can put it in a software or you can just make a quick sketch of the floor plan. The most important thing when designing is the placement of the furniture and having enough space in the room for people to sit and move around.

I also figure out the different zones that will be used in the space. So for the patio; I want a cooking, lounge, garden, and pet area. We currently have a grill, coffee table, plastic stackable chairs, some pots, and a few decorative items. My budget for this space is $200.

So I decided the grill and lounge area should be opposite each other. The grill will also serve as privacy, blocking the view of neighbors and the lounge chairs needed to be under the overhang which give us some shade. The garden and pet area are going to be along the gate.

Design Development

Before buying anything the next step is to develop the look and feel of the space. When I started this patio design in May I already figured the vibe I was going for. I went onto Pinterest and gathered images I liked with my ideal colors, textures, and materials for the space. My concept for the patio was Urban Garden Oasis. I wanted an urban modern feel that included greenery, matte black, and whites. I also love the lush flowers of a garden and wanted to add white flowers and herbs to my space to feel like a little area where we can relax and enjoy the evenings.

Design Implementation

Now this is the fun part. This process took about two weeks, from shopping for specific pieces in store and on amazon and creating a few DIYs. I’m so happy with how it turned out. Keeping under budget wasn’t very hard, we used mostly what we had. For string lights, an LED candle, chair cushions, wooden post materials, section of grass, a watering can, planter pots, flowers and plants, and some spray paint cost me $120. I’m happy with how it turned out.

This is what we created and I’m so excited to be enjoying the space for the next few months.


We kept our chairs and just added a seat for some cushion. The table was kept simple, I added a natural stone tray and placed a lantern right on top. Along the open spaces I added all the rocks my husband and I find on our vacations to personalize the space and add more texture.

I made a little garden with a few plants and greenery that will survive in direct light.

My favorite thing we did in the space was build this frame, add our string lights and this sheer drapery. It makes such an impact and makes the space feel luxurious.

And that’s it! I really love our little patio and I just added a items and touches to add some richness and dimension to the design and space. I still have some pieces I’d like to add, like a focal point behind the wall and faux grass as flooring, but other than that I’m so happy with the space. I really love seeing and hearing what other people do with their space! Have any of you designed your patio or backyard for summer?


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