My January Budget

I’m starting the new year off right. I OWN MY CAR! After 2 years, I’ve finally paid my car off! $15,000 worth of debt! I’m so excited and now I’m able to save so much more for the things I want to do, one being travel. We have two trips coming up, and we were one of the lucky people to make impulse purchases for Coachella. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? Anyway, this year I am going to get back on track with my finances while having an incredible year. Going to get back to being intentional with my money, and showing you guys how we can save and have fun! This month I’m keeping it chill so I can have money for all those trips! So here’s this months breakdown: paying all my bills, save for our trips, and school supplies.

Goals: Don’t make impulse purchases, have 1 no spend day on the weekend

Events: Mom’s Birthday, Grama’s Birthday




Are you going to start budgeting for 2017? Check in with me every month to budget together! We can be budget buddies!




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